Telepathic Animal Whisperer + Healer


I’m Meghan,

a telepathic animal whisperer.

Do you want your animal to know how much you love them before they transition?

I can tell them.

Would you like to know exactly what’s wrong in their physical body (and how you can help)?

I can see, and ask them.

Want to know why their temperament and behavior seems off (and what you can do to address it)?

I can access all the insight and more.


They are your greatest

teacher, wisdom keeper, and transformational guide.

I am here to help you communicate with them

to unlock these gifts.


“Meghan immediately picked up on the personality of our dogs. She knew their specific health challenges and gave us insight into how we can better help them. One of my pugs recently had surgery and was experiencing some trouble with her throat. The doctors wanted to open her up again and we said no. Meghan validated our decision and said her throat issue would clear on its own.

Just being able to understand my dogs on a deeper level, getting to know who they really are and what they need without attaching my human interpretation and worry onto them, has dramatically changed our relationship! Meghan also channeled through our pups powerful information about my grandparents that passed, with very specific, detailed messages that I had also been receiving. She shared information about my husband’s career and brought new insight and understanding as to his greatest path for success, again, validating the changes he had recently made.

Following the reading, I noticed an immediate improvement in both dogs in mood and behavior, and as Meghan predicted, the throat issue of my pug cleared on its own.”

[Meg, Gracie & Pumpkin, Massachusetts]

Kayla & Ky (Rhode Island)

“As soon as Meghan walked in the door my dog usually checks out strangers and walks away. Instead, our dog Ky relaxed and fell asleep right next to her. Meghan saw many details about how Ky grew up, even explaining that when she was a puppy she was abused by a construction worker with wooden 2x4’s. It explained why her whole life she would not walk on or by any pieces of wood.

Ky also expressed that on the right side (internally) of her body something compressing on her right lung. Ky acknowledged that when the breathing becomes heavy, to bring her to the vet. A couple months later she was breathing heavily and I brought her to the vet to find out through x-rays and ultrasounds that Ky had cancer that had taken over. When I saw the x-rays and ultrasound I thought of what Ky had told Meghan. Cancer had pushed all of her organs from her right side, over to the left side of her body.

I originally called Meghan because our dog was older and I wanted to make sure she wasn't suffering, that one session gave me so much more. Meghan helped me through the process of making the right decision and made me feel at ease with the decision my Husband and I had to make.”

[Kayla, Ky & Panda, Rhode Island]




Are you ready to communicate with your animal?

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