Telepathic Animal Whisperer + Healer

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Curious how my gift works?

Whether I am physically in your home or holding a photo, I can have sacred conversations with your animal’s mind, heart and soul.

They can feel. They can speak.

Like an electrical outlet, your animal and I plug into one another, creating a pathway to exchange information back and forth.

I can verbally hear them, I may feel things in my physical body (like a sensation where they are carrying pain or disease), or experience a detailed vision of what your animal wants me to see (like a movie reel).

My telepathy allows your animal to express their truth. It’s like an advanced text messaging system that allows us to send and receive messages to each other.


They are angels and light-workers in disguise, and my calling is to provide them a voice so they can fulfill their work here.

"Meghan helped my family support and comfort our 18-year-old Holstein cow in her last six months of life. Her ability to communicate with animals is a special gift and allowed us to feel at ease with the decisions we made in saying goodbye. She knew information about our cow that we did not tell her ahead of time. She even knew that our cow had a twin brother and that her previous name was Ripple. Yes, she actually knew the name!"

[Calyn, Rhode Island ]



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In my work, I have discovered seven rooms in which an animal and I can communicate with one another.

Each room allows me to access what they see and experience; how they heal; how aligned or in need their mind, emotions and temperament are; and how to strengthen their bond to their people and the world they live in.

room of spirit.png

This room includes their specific learning pattern and style, how they accumulate wisdom, their past life knowledge, as well as who is on their spiritual support team (such as leaders, angels, and guides).

room of health.png

This room includes anything health and medical related. I can see and feel where they have pain, discomfort, injury, or illness in their body, and how we can work with your veterinarian to best serve them.


This is the room of the animal’s drive, focus, and passion. This is where I’ll find out which activities best suit your animal’s movement and mindset needs.


This room gives me access to their individual thought process, how they receive, perceive, understand, and communicate information.


Here we discover where they show the emotions they carry, where they’re holding on to past traumas, and how you can help to release them. If grief, trauma, anxiety, anger, or aggression seem to be an issue, this is the room in which I will find out why.


This is the room of life transitions - integrating a new animal into the family, relocating your home, or traveling to a dental appointment. Here, I can see how they are affected and how we can help. This room also includes end of life guidance, messages the animal wants to express before they pass, and how we can best guide and support them.

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This room showcases unique gifts, talents, and purposes the animal has, what they naturally excel at, and how they can best share it with the world (as well as what actions you can take to help them reach their full potential).


We all have a story waiting to be told.