Profound life lessons from my horse Rugby

From my horse's mouth. Straight into your heart. Some of my favorite pieces of wisdom we have discussed together, and that you can carry with you forever:

"Don't be surprised by a decision you are not a part of." (In relation to animals, their future, and life choices) 

"Love doesn't require DOING. So many get stuck in this habit, especially mothers. We think that we are defined by what or how much we do. Be in receiving love. Embrace that. Open the doors and let it in. The human mission in the world is self-acceptance and self-love and to give freely. I am a teacher in this."

"Don't do more, be more still."

"Oh well, anyway." (Rugby's favorite transitional speech from one thought to the next)

"Heart healing work is done TOGETHER. It is the universal purpose."

"My life has been in service to humans. Serving, working and connecting."

"When emotions flow through, we let them go. As animals, we don't hold grudges. Humans have the tendency to hold onto an emotion and think about it. Animals can teach humans how to work through this. Emotions are clouds. Let it blow through."

"To anyone that has treated me unkindly, we will meet again. We all get to come back and teach. I am teaching about the human/animal connection. If people would work on loving themselves, they would respect and love animals more. Meghan can help change that for a lot of people. She is optimistic and very talented. And boy is she funny. She talks to me aloud." 

"We are all playing different roles on a really big playground. Without each other, we would suffer. We are all a herd. It's just how it's meant to be." 

"Grazing is much more interesting than eating hay. The hay just sits in a pile."

"To teach animals anything, teach us without a purpose. Experience things without pressure, and then when you teach it, its familiar. Quickness is not necessary."

"I don't feel the end of life is fixed. There are always choices, and when we make a choice, the pattern changes. Soul paths may lead a different way."




Meghan Shea