A female orca shows up in my dream

It was nighttime. A cool breeze kissed the navy blue sky. I instantly was being greeted by a beluga whale, she was leading me to a special connection. We came upon a female orca whale, very quiet. She had a distinct scar on her nostrum. When my body started to float down from treading water, she caught me on her back. I could feel her wet skin underneath me. Her words of wisdom were to "just be." To come to her and talk to her. While on her back she introduced me to a male orca and an entire pod of orcas. I swam with her very slowly, and we watched a gorgeous sunset. I rested my body against hers, she stayed above water, as I fell asleep. She whispered, "Part of your mission in this world, is to help the whales-you are being called. You may not be able to release them, though you can heal them all." The orca allowed me to stand on her nostrum and she spun me in a circle. She let me experience the feeling of jumping in the ocean. I noticed a single tear falling down her face. 

What I learned from her:

"Orcas can read your energy as soon as your hands touch the water, they get an energetic signal."

"Just because the ocean is dark, do not be afraid."

"That my energy is light, and can lead the way even in complete darkness." 

"Always follow your intuition."

The second time she came to visit me, she brought another male orca with her. I was standing on a concrete slab of ground, and I could see a brick building out of the corner of the right eye. Other than that, it almost looked abandoned. It made no sense, because it seemed like a gully, or corner of the ocean somewhere that was definitely more shallow. The water was navy blue, and I couldnt see to the bottom. She came right up to me, and let me touch her. As she backed away, the male came up close, said hello and off they went. 

Meghan Shea