One of my past lives revealed

During a shamanic experience, we were encouraged to experience and inquire two things during our session. 

1. How can I connect with my inner light?

2. Witness an experience of my inner light. 

We lay comfortably on the ground, eyes closed, ready to travel with our intuition. As the drumming began, I called for my guides, three male coyotes. In a single file line, they came as soon as I called. We greeted happily and embraced. I asked them to show me my light and an experience that would help me understand myself more deeply. Each coyote sat and bowed in front of me. One placed a paw on my solar plexus. Another on my heart and the third coyote placed his paw on my lips. I began to see white light swirling around us and coming from my body. Emitting from my hands and mouth. The coyotes rolled on their bellies and purple light appeared covering them like silk bed sheets. The purple light circling continuously like a tornado in the center of the room. We met in the center and hugged closely. Almost as though we were transporting, we swirled up into the light and came out to an open, grassy land. Animals surrounding. I was seeing an experience as though I was a person in the scenery, and witnessing myself. I was seeing individuals walking their animals to me, for psychic input. I walked toward a brown-shingled looking small home amongst the trees. I was seeing myself in a past life. Witnessing my gift. A large group of animals, walking with me, guiding me. I saw a man who I could not identify come out of the left-hand corner of the panorama view, and he was holding a rifle. He shot me in the forehead, and I was sitting in a rocking chair. I was wearing red, and I had a low chignon bun. (How interesting that it is one of my go-to hairstyles in this life, and I kind of always wondered why.) All of the animals from the wilderness called out and howled. The coyotes licked the gunshot wound, the birds brought berries and fed them to me, and other animals crawling out from the woods surrounded me and healed me entirely. 

I am a healer. They saved me, I save them. It was an unspoken exchange and a gift I had in a past life as well. 

The animals showed me to keep touching animals, wild animals too. As this was part of my true calling. They explained that one of my deepest gifts is to pinpoint health and medical issues in any animals body. As though I was seeing a blue print.

Meghan Shea