Telepathic Animal Whisperer + Healer

“My dog’s purpose is far greater than I ever could have imagined. I see him in a whole new light.” - Dog Owner


“Meghan has alerted me to health issues in numerous horses…

such as stomach ulcers or other digestive issues, neck arthritis, and the need for various joint injections. All of her claims have been verified by my vet, treated medically, and the results have been phenomenal.”

-Equestrian/Horse Owner

Meghan lovingly walked us through the process on how to prepare for my dog having an abscess removed and how we could care for her. Meghan connected with both of my dogs, explained the procedure in detail to them both, relayed important messages for us to know, and questions they had. As a result, what could have been a stressful and emotional day became easy and effortless. One, who usually stresses out in the car and at the vet, was absolutely fine. Our other who tends to worry was reassured and calm the entire morning.

“There are people who learn to push through, then there are people that are SO connected, to energy and sensitivity that the idea of pushing an animal to do something beyond its limits, is out of the question. Meghan is an amazing animal communicator and for that reason, she would never be the type of person whether communicating or otherwise-push an animal past that limit.” -Asa Hoffman, Psychic Energist

I have seen Meghan predict the future. When Meghan met my horse, she talked about his surgery. This horse had never had any surgeries. The next day this horse was scheduled to be seen by the vet. After a quick ultrasound, the vet alerted me that the horse had chipped a few pieces of bone off his jaw, and this is why the wound wouldn’t heal. The horse needed to be taken to the clinic, anesthetized, and have the bone fragments cleaned out. Meghan is truly gifted and her spiritual connection to animals is awe inspiring.
— horse owner