The Rugby

Have you ever wished you could hear what your animal was thinking, feeling, and experiencing?

Welcome to my reality. As a telepathic animal whisperer and healer, I have insider access to who your animal truly is, why they are here, and what they need in order to live their very best life.

The Rugby Session is perfect for you if you want to connect and get to know your animal better.

The experience includes (1) 60-minute virtual session for you and your animal.


2 year old Belgian Tervuren Zeus, was having constant stomach problems and wouldn’t eat. Zeus was nervous, lonely, was panting excessively, ripping up furniture and constantly worrying. We went through so many vets and vet specialists and tons of testing to find out what’s wrong with his stomach, and no one knew. I called Meghan and she came to the house. 

We talked about so many things including his health, upbringing and well being. Meghan discovered through talking with Zeus that he did not want to be the leader. He expressed extreme stress watching over the house and being alone as a contributing factor to not eating. Zeus expressed that he really wanted a friend. I was thinking, no way. After much discussion, we decided to bring home a new puppy. Meghan talked to Zeus and Tiger, expressed his thoughts on leaving the litter and his transition into a new family, delivered questions we had to them, found answers, including their wants and needs and how to allow both dogs to integrate smoothly. Meghan let me know that Tiger would immediately run to the door when he needed to go outside to use the bathroom, and he does! He is not even a year old. It is the quickest I have ever trained a dog. She mentioned that Tiger would take on the leader role (even as a puppy) to help Zeus, Tiger did!

Since working with Meghan, the dogs are so happy. Zeus is no longer stressed, his anxiety is gone most importantly, Zeus is now eating every meal! His temperament is calm and at peace! I’m very happy I made that phone call which I should have made a lot sooner! We are very appreciative to Meghan for the work she does!”

[Natalie, Zeus & Tiger, Rhode Island]

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A plethora of insight can come through during The Rugby (see How it Works for more info), but here are just a few examples of what this single session can do…

  • Address why an animal’s temperament or behavior is aggressive or anxious

  • Communicate what an animals specific learning style is in order to for what is being asked of them to be understood

  • Identify specific health and medical issues and present you with solutions

  • Provide future heath and medical insight

  • Offer support during end of life transition

  • Determine the location of a missing animal

  • And much, much more!


"Meghan is a truly gifted and humble soul. Over the years, she's helped us connect more deeply with our four-legged family members, and for that, we're endlessly grateful. But her gift is richer than that. On one occasion, she was able to provide us, in real time, an address and landmarks to locate one of our dogs, who had gone missing at the height of a severe snowstorm. Working with her, he returned, and without her intervention, who's to say what could have happened."

[Michelle, Tom, Peter & Molly, Rhode Island]

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Can you focus on a specific issue (for example, if the animal is aggressive with kids and you want to know why)?

Yes, absolutely. To ensure the information exchanged reaches it’s maximum potential, I ask you not to reveal any information about your animal before our session (other than their name and a photo). I encourage clients to create a list of questions (for your eyes only) that you’d like answered, and if your animal does not address them on their own, you can ask them directly during the session.

What might my animal say during the session?

For more information on what your animal might communicate during our session, please visit the How it Works page.

Are in-person sessions available?

Yes, I do travel for a limited number of clients each month (within a specified radius). Apply below for an in-person session. The strength of my telepathy allows for virtual to be equally as powerful as in-person, so don’t worry that you won’t receive the same level of care if you’re not local.

What time and days are available for sessions?

Days and times vary and all sessions take place during EST. Once your application has been submitted, I will contact you to discuss available options.

Are you ready to really know your animal?

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“Meghan placed her hands on my horses back. She looked at me and said, “He is not feeling well, he is expressing an intestinal issue. A few weeks later, my horse had a full blown colic attack and he had an impaction. It was remarkable that Meghan had told me a month before that he had an intestinal issue. This was absolutely astounding to me that she truly was able to hear him saying he was sick and needed help. Through her ability to serve as a median and communicate with horses, I believe she has an incredible gift to share with us all.”

[Lyn & Beau, Connecticut]