The Stella D’Oro

The Stella D’Oro Package is a wonderful way to deeply experience physical healing, shift emotional traumas, find the answers to unresolved questions or problems, rehabilitate mindset or to navigate a new journey together.

It’s incredible for any kind of transition (such as death, pregnancy, or new animal integration) as well as rehabilitation and deep emotional healing.

This package includes (3) 60-minute virtual sessions for you and your animal.


“In January we had the pleasure of adopting a 4-month-old puppy from an agency in Mexico. We had no idea what the previous months of his life looked like, but we could tell he was an anxious and sensitive guy. As new parents, we were clueless as to how to soothe our new family member— and none of the advice from the internet was making any difference.

After a few calls with Meghan, I not only had new (and actually effective) ways of communicating with my puppy, but I also had a newfound respect and awe for our little creature. Our bond is more than anything I could have asked for! Without Meghan’s guidance I think we would have panicked on night 7 of zero sleep and deemed ourselves as failures. Instead, we have the most amazing family member that brings incredibly joy to our lives.

Meghan Shea is an Earth Angel. I don’t know how she does it, but she *does it*. Just one call with this magnificent being will change your & your animal’s life.”

[Tory & Rango, California]

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Working closely together allows for deep healing work to take place.

Understanding how your animal’s past life is affecting his/her current reality, how to best address their needs, how to select and integrate a new animal into your life, how to communicate during a transition to give your animal a voice, and what your animal sees about your life can become smooth life experiences when you have the ability to communicate back-and-forth with your pet.

To learn more about what your animal might communicate during our work together, visit the How it Works page.

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“To truly understand what Oliver and Penni are thinking, who they are as animals and what they see as their purpose was an amazing gift. Penni is wonderful, very sweet, but can be a TOUGH 3 year old if she is treated like a “normal” dog. Meghan’s insight into who Penni is and her purpose in our lives brings a new focus on how we treat her. Per Penni’s request Meghan let us know to take our time with her, express and talk about everything. We spend so much more time explaining things to her and going slow and she is responding so much better. One of our major issues with Penni was her issues with loud bangs/fireworks/ thunderstorms. She would shake and pant for hours. Within a week of working with Meghan, she went from shaking and panting for hours to just wanting to be next to us. She even asked us to make a special “fort” with pillows in certain locations so that she would feel safe. Penni also was a dog who never WILLINGLY goes into the lake. She went into the water for the first time with Meghan here and despite what we thought, really wanted to learn about water and get comfortable before expanding beyond that. After Meghan spoke with her, Penni now jumps in the shallow part of the lake, chases sticks in the water, and voluntarily jumps in the boat.

Oliver is very expressive, but we never understood the extent of his humor, his love for his animal friends, his gifts, and his immense gratitude for everything. The greatest gift we received was information about Oliver’s wishes once he is not longer physically with us. Oliver has grown up with my children and is such an integral part of our family and as it sunk in for each of us, we have changed a lot of things to make the most of every day with him and to give back to him as he has so generously given to us. This is invaluable for each of us in our own way especially since he is still active and able to enjoy the changes. We are living with so much more gratitude as a result.”

[Dave, Jennifer, Katelin & Tevor, Massachusetts]



Can you focus on a specific issue (for example, if the animal is aggressive with kids and you want to know why)?

Yes, absolutely. To ensure the information exchanged reaches it’s maximum potential, I ask you not to reveal any information about your animal before our session (other than their name and a photo). I encourage clients to create a list of questions (for your eyes only) that you’d like answered, and if your animal does not address them on their own, you can ask them directly during the session.

What might my animal say during the session?

For more information on what your animal might communicate during our session, please visit the How it Works page.

Are in-person sessions available?

Yes, I do travel for a limited number of clients each month (who live within a specified radius). Click HERE to apply for an in-person session.

It’s important to note here that the strength of my telepathy allows for virtual to be equally as powerful as in-person, so don’t worry that you won’t receive the same level of care if you’re not local.

What time and days are available for sessions?

Days and times vary and all sessions take place during EST. Once your application has been submitted, I will contact you to discuss available options.