Telepathic Animal Whisperer + Healer



Are you ready to communicate with your animal?

If you are in the midst of a life changes such as a passing, pregnancy, relocation, new relationship, schedule change, travel plans, or introducing a new animal to the family, I can help you gain amazing insights from your animal, while also guiding them through the process with grace and understanding. 

If your animal is showing signs of grief, trauma, anxiety, or aggression, I will communicate with your animal to understand why, and what you can do to help.

Or, if you intuitively know something is “off” with your animal, but searching elsewhere hasn’t uncovered the answer, I will work with you and your animal to give you both clarity, healing and peace.

Are you ready?.

The Rugby

If you would like to understand your animal more deeply, this single session is for you. This experience will allow you to communicate wants and needs to one another - for example, why certain behaviors are being expressed by your animal, how to support them optimally, and how to understand their body language.

The Stella D’Oro

This session package helps you and your animal transform and heal together. Over the course of these sessions I’ll guide you progressively through emotional trauma and old stories, perspective shifts and physical healing. You’ll learn about your animal’s unique “voice,” uncover the gifts and magic of their spirit, and gain a deep understanding of their soul’s purpose and why you are connected in this life (and perhaps others). This package is the optimal choice for assisting with any significant transitions, such as rehabilitation, death, pregnancy, or new animal integration.

Whispers of Wisdom

This small group event is perfect if you’re ready to delve deeper into the wisdom of horses to help you to heal, release, and see the world from a new lens. This magical, one- day workshop will help you transform the relationship between you and your horse. One-on-one telepathic communication blends with healing and uplifting group soul discoveries. Limited to 10 individuals. Hosted at your farm.



I have worked with clients to…

  • Find the right dog or horse

  • Address behavioral issues such as aggression, stress, anxiety and discover what’s behind it.

  • Identify physical, mental and emotional issues

  • Specify areas of the body that require emotional or physical attention

  • Understand an animal's learning style to help with the training process

  • Integrate new animals into the family

  • Express love and final thoughts during an animal’s transition

  • Track down animals who are lost (and so much more)

I am to heal every layer of your animal’s being (not just one),

and to give you access to the world through your animal's eyes.