How telepathic communication can help your animals with all of life's transitions.

Every second in life is a transition. One moment fleeting into another. After spending time with my horse Rugby last night we had some time to reflect on an important aspect of the sacred responsibility of the work I do that supports my mission with animals. A powerful subject came up in working with a client and her horse and I wanted Rugby's vantage point. Transition. (Not the kind you may be thinking.) Transitional life shifts. In just two days, her horse would be getting on a trailer, leaving his horse friends, the comfort of a barn he had become familiar, his stall (which he calls his room) and most importantly, his human companion that had lovingly been his mentor, teacher, and friend. 

As an animal, there are a lot of uncertainties. Imagine loading your horse on a trailer and sending him to a new home. We have an opportunity to communicate. Without communicating and relaying such messages, we miss a pivotal moment in time to seal the work we have done with them and allow them to shift into a new chapter of their life peacefully. They deserve to know what that looks like, the why’s and everything connected to the decision. The emotions that animals carry, could be left wondering, waiting and uncomfortable. Especially, if life had thrown you a decision regarding your animal that requires you to extensively travel, or in some cases never return to them. As animal owners and lovers, we have a responsibility to more deeply serve them. Is it possible to relay those messages to them? The answer is yes.

The horse had a few minor requests for his human. He wanted her to understand what the process of relocating felt like for him, and not surprisingly we both got choked up as the horse processed, reflected and understood the decision. He asked to be walked to every one of the horse’s stall, to acknowledge them one by one before he left. He asked for his owner to come and sit with him in the stall, and express her sadness openly, and to let tears fall. He wanted to help her through this. The lesson is that we all deserve an explanatory goodbye, and insight to serve our future and our path. We all deserve the chance to have our questions answered and hesitations honored. 

My horse Rugby reflected on this with me. He explained that we, as humans have an obligation, and my role as a leader, is in a position to help connect humans and animals to actively pursue what he calls the soul bond. Essentially, two sacred requirements that every animal deserves for life transitional circumstances. (Everything including vet visits, a change of location, a new baby coming into the family, adding new pets into the family, or your vacations that don’t include them) We sign up for these soul bonds the moment we choose an animal, they choose us, or as they enter our lives with intention and purpose. Two aspects of the soul bond contract are:


  1. Communication and expression to your animal from the moment they enter your life. Descriptively describing to them what the investment looks like (short term, long term) Painting a picture to help them build a sense of security and stability. (Especially if they are a rescue.) Also to see if they carry separation emotional holding patterns from leaving their litter, family or herd. 
  2. During any transition, small or large, fulfilling the bond and letting the animal know exactly what the transition entails, who is involved and how their life will change. The secret piece to this, if for any reason they need to get a hold of you, feel unsafe or otherwise, they may contact me through telepathy. We will have an accessibility and availability for connection that they otherwise may not have. 

 I am the bridge to help create a powerful soul bond for these amazing animals. I believe that to support them and show them respect, they need to know what to expect. It helps to ease anxiety, trauma, heavy emotions and insecurity because we provided knowledge and direction. In turn, it allows for peace, harmony and a seamless transition.

So I reflect back to you. In what areas of your life are you experiencing transition? In what ways could you be more intuitively traveling through that process? If animals are involved, consider they may be experiencing as much chaos as you and we have the opportunity and responsibility to lovingly walk them through that.

Meghan Shea